I’m a¬†multiclass game developer with 12 years of game industry experience. I’ve been a game designer, CEO, programmer, producer, writer and production manager and worked with everything from small indie games to large subcontracting projects and licenses such as Star Wars and Pixar. Roleplaying games are both my favourite and forte.

I have been using Unity for 10 years and published several games as a lead programmer. My experience with the platform ranges from mobile to desktop games, multiplayer and complex story-driven roleplaying games.

I’m the creative director of Random Potion, a studio specialising in online roleplaying games. We’re currently working on our first title, Project Scoundrel: an online co-op roleplaying game with emphasis on the interaction between players.

I’m also available for consultation on game design, technical design, production and business as well as teaching and speaking opportunities. I can provide clients with a holistic view of game development ranging from hands-on programming to design feedback and marketplace analysis.