Building an RPG Battle System – Part 1

The combat for both Rimelands: Hammer of Thor and Trulon: The Shadow Engine received a lot of praise and while they are superficially very different takes on a roleplaying game combat system, they share a lot in how the mechanics were designed and illustrate my personal design philosophy. Both games have a turn-based combat system, but in Trulon it is based on a deck of cards and in Rimelands on a pool of dice. In the former you are in control of a whole party of characters, in the latter only a single character. Outside of combat both have similarities and differences, but this article is concerned only of the core combat mechanics. Continue reading “Building an RPG Battle System – Part 1”

Sort of an Introduction

My profile says “I’m a general game developer with over 9 years of game industry experience. I’ve been a game designer, CEO, programmer, producer, writer and production manager and worked with everything from small indie games to large subcontracting projects and licenses such as Star Wars and Pixar. Roleplaying games are both my favourite and forte.”

Which is true enough, given that I wrote it myself.